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Depending on the project, Fort Wick Genealogy offers an hourly rate or a flat rate. We keep detailed logs of the time we spend on your project. Research is generally undertaken in four-hour block minimums, with any overages or additional expenses first approved by the client, in writing. The final work product will consist of a detailed professional report including analysis, research notes, bibliography, and source image copies either in an electronic format or as a traditional paper report. Basic record retrieval and/or digital imaging rates can be negotiated. Telephone and/or online DNA consultations are also available.

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Use the form below to tell us about your genealogical inquiry, and we’ll email you back to schedule a free telephone consultation. Please be as detailed as possible. Include what research questions you have along with any specific document requests. You may also email or call us to make an appointment. Our general response time is one business day.

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