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Genealogical and Historical Research




Are you having trouble uncovering an elusive ancestor? Whether they are your parent, great-grandparent, or a more distant relative, Fort Wick Genealogy can help you break through your "brick wall." Sometimes the answer lies in the research that you have already done—or perhaps you are missing the one document that will provide the breakthrough that you have been looking for. We are familiar with the various records and research strategies that could help you solve your mystery. Whether utilizing traditional paper records or advanced DNA testing, we can help.  

Forensic genealogy

Forensic genealogy is a relatively new field, and includes many aspects of traditional and non-traditional research. One definition of forensic genealogy is any genealogical research that has legal implications—for example, probate cases that involve identifying and locating living heirs. Other examples that don't involve legal implications but fall under the umbrella of forensic genealogy include identifying people from old photographs or locating living relatives. As is required of all forensic genealogists, Fort Wick has achieved advanced training and knowledge and adheres to the highest ethical standards in the field.   


Do you live in a historic house? Have you ever wondered who built your home, who lived in it, or who your street was named after? House histories can be just as dynamic and interesting as personal family histories. Fort Wick Genealogy specializes in historic homes and buildings in the Portland metro area. By utilizing a variety of sources such as historic Sanborn Fire Maps, newspapers, city directories, and building permits, we can bring the history of your home to life. Your personalized house history will be delivered as an attractive coffee-table style book for you to enjoy and share with neighbors and guests.

Genetic genealogy

Do you have a family tradition that you would like to prove or disprove? Are you adopted and wish to know more about your heritage or are trying to locate your birth parents? Whatever the reason, modern DNA testing can help. With the plethora of companies offering different DNA testing services today, choosing the right test—and the right company—can be overwhelming. Let Fort Wick Genealogy walk you through the ins and outs of DNA testing, which tests are applicable to your situation, and which companies can offer you the best results. Y-DNA, MtDNA, autosomal DNA, and X-DNA testing options are available.

Dual Citizenship applications

Are you descended from an Irish-born grandparent, or an Italian-born grandparent or great-grandparent? If so, you may qualify for dual citizenship in your grandparent's country of origin. Applying for dual citizenship can be very confusing and challenging because of the many rules and requirements involved. If you think you might qualify but aren't sure, let Fort Wick Genealogy help walk you through the process. After first determining whether or not you qualify for dual citizenship based on your family's history, we will guide you in locating and ordering the specific records you will need for your application.  

military RESEARCH

Are you interested in finding out about an ancestor's military history? Would you like to join the Daughters of the American Revolution Society, or the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, but aren't sure whether or not your ancestor served? Perhaps you would like to know what battles your ancestor fought in, or what a soldier's day-to-day life was like during the war? Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War I, and World War II records are all unique and varied. By using advanced research strategies and techniques, Fort Wick Genealogy can help you uncover your ancestor's military past.